NEXT (National Exit Test)

MCI (Medical Council of India) has been replaced with NMC (National Medical Commission). NMC bill was passed by parliament and approved by the President of India on 8 August 2019.

MCI Screening Test known as FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) has been replaced with NEXT (National Exit Test). In other words, there is a system for the Medical Graduates (MBBS, MD, etc.) passing out from any foreign medical College / University to appear in a Test to get a license to practice as a Medical Doctor. After passing the test he/ she is eligible for a Govt. job or Private practice in India.

NEXT (National Exit Test)

The Govt. of India passed the (NMC) National Medical Commission Bill on 8 August 2019. The Bill states that MBBS Graduates passing either from Foreign Medical Colleges or any Indian Medical college, either Govt. or Private, will be required to qualify the National-level Exit Examination called National Exit Test (NEXT).

Chairman: Professor Suresh Chandra Sharma, former head of the ear nose throat (ENT) department at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, has been appointed as the Chairman of the NMC.

Currently, the Medical Council of India is the body responsible for regulating medical education practice. With the implementation of the NMC Bill, NMC (National Medical Commission) will play the role of MCI.

Through NEXT, the Govt. of India will combine both the MBBS Exit Exam and the MBBS Licentiate exam into one Exit Test. This will qualify the MBBS graduates to both practice medicine across India and pursue higher education also.

The National Exit Test (NEXT) will serve three functions at a time :

  1. A Foreign Medical graduate will be given the same value and status as who passes from India.
  2. He/she will be given a license for Govt. job and Private Practices.
  3. PG admissions will be given on the basis of this NEXT only. NEET (PG) will not be there.

However, the Act does not impose any restriction on the number of attempts at NEXT for qualifying himself /herself and also for improving the rank for admission into the PG courses.