Indian Medical Colleges

MBBS Course

MBBS admission in Private Medical Colleges in India is done in the 15% seats according to State-wise (All India) Counselling.

However, a few seats can be obtained under MANAGEMENT or NRI quota at 12 Lacs onward per year.

In this case, a student should have excellent marks in HS / Class XII and a good Score in NEET 2020 only.

Dentistry and Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery

  • BDS (Bachelor in Dental Surgery) 4 yrs / Rs.12 L onwards.

Our Dental Colleges are duly permitted by DCI (Dental Council of India) and recognized by AICTE etc.

  • BAMS (Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery)5 yrs / Rs. 12 L onwards.

Our Ayurvedic Medical Colleges are duly permitted by the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) etc.

*Eligibility: A students must obtain the marks in two qualifying Exams:

  • At least 55% marks in PCB of HS / Class XII with 60% in Biology.
  • To obtain minimum Qualifying Marks in NEET 2020 only.

Nursing, Pharmacy &Para-Medical Courses

  • GNM 3 yrs /1.8 Lacs
  • BSc Nursing 4 yrs /2.1 Lacs.
  • D Pharm ( Diploma in Pharmacy) 2 yrs/ Rs. 1.1 Lacs,
  • B Pharm (Bachelor in Pharmacy) 4yrs / 3.0Lacs,
  • Pharm D (Doctor in Pharmacy) 5+1 yrs / 10 Lacs.
  • BSc AnaesthesiaTechnology(3 yrs /3.3 L)
  • BSc Operation Theatre Technology (3 yrs /2.8 L)
  • BSc Imaging Technology (3 yrs /2.8 L)
  • BSc Cardiac Care Technology (3 yrs /4.2 L)
  • BSc Laboratory Technology (3 yrs /2.5 L)

(Hostel fees for Food & Lodging within 50-60 K yearly.)

*All Colleges are in Bangalore and some other Cities having good connectivity.

*All are recognized by the Govt. of India or Govt. of Karnataka

*Course Fees may be revised by the respective Colleges from time to time.

Eligibility: At least 45% marks in PCB and also 45% in aggregate of HS / Class XIIand minimum of 45% in PCM is also admissible in Pharmacy courses.